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Manage your finances more conveniently. The Plix app is now available on iOS and Android. Find out more
Optimize costs without
unnecessary fees
A beneficial e-wallet is an e-wallet with which you cave costs. That's why we've created Plix.
Take your business to a new level of
financial management
Control your finances with our business e-wallet
A solution to every business
Plix is all about competitive account terms ā€“ because it's the benefits that count in business. Get control of your finances, whether you run a small business or a large company, in Poland or another European Union country.
A solution to every business
Send and receive payments
For you, we have unlimited deposits, withdrawals and the possibility of accepting payments from your clients. Use your wallet in EUR, PLN, USD, RON, CHF, GBP, CAD and many more currencies. International transfers at Plix are a simple matter.
Send and receive payments
Don't worry about security
We know that security is particularly important when managing finances. That is why we use advanced technological solutions and employ the best specialists in this field. At Plix, we provide the best security for your funds!
Don't worry about security
Trust Plix
Hidden fees? Not here.
Plix's pricing is transparent and fees are low. We support your business at every stage of account management. If you have a problem with your wallet, our specialists will certainly not leave you without a solution.
Trust Plix
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Online payments
as you like
Easy online payments on any device (bank transfercvā€“ start using our app now.
Currency exchange
without overpaying
Fast currency conversions.
Competitive currency exchange rates.
Financial management
on many levels
Business transfers, deposits and withdrawals in many currencies, convenient payments.
Many accounts in one place
Each wallet is a possibility to have an account in several currencies.
Transfers abroad...
with no borders
We make transfers in many currencies, sent to any place in the world.
Cards acquiring - soon!
A guarantee of safe and easy payments with a debit or credit card.
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