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Manage your finances more conveniently. The Plix app is now available on iOS and Android. Find out more
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At Plix we always rise up to the challenge. We know that a proper payment system is a faster way to sell your products effectively.
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Payment Service Provider
A Payment Service Provider that adapts to changes as your business grows? You've got it right! We are ready to meet the requirements set by our Merchants. Plix means an easy integration and intuitive gateway management. With us you will conquer new markets - we accept many currencies and international payment methods.
Payment Service Provider
Customised payment gateway
Forget about the incompatible sub-page of the payment process and integrating many payment services yourself. We will do it for you! With the White Label service we will ensure the visual consistency of the payment process with your shop. This solution will effectively shorten the shopping process. With Plix, prepare for the growth of completed transactions.
Customised payment gateway
Professionalism all the way
Worldwide transaction opportunities and comprehensive solutions? In Plix we take care of everything! We provide service, implementation and security at the highest level. And in case of any problems - professional assistance at every stage of cooperation.
Professionalism all the way
At your disposal
Since 2014, we’ve been continuously developing our technologies and solutions in order to meet the needs of our Customers. Our highly trained Plix team is here to assist you.You can contact us using the contact form. We will answer every question. If you have a problem with the wallet, our specialists will never leave you without a solution.
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Easy online payments on any device (bank transfercv– start using our app now.
Currency exchange
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Fast currency conversions.
Competitive currency exchange rates.
Financial management
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Business transfers, deposits and withdrawals in many currencies, convenient payments.
Many accounts in one place
Each wallet is a possibility to have an account in several currencies.
Transfers abroad...
with no borders
We make transfers in many currencies, sent to any place in the world.
Cards acquiring - soon!
A guarantee of safe and easy payments with a debit or credit card.
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