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Manage your finances more conveniently. The Plix app is now available on iOS and Android. Find out more
Currency exchange at Plix
Forget about a traditional exchange office, exchange your currency cheaper and faster. You don't need a special account to do this – your Plix wallet is all you need.
How to quickly exchange currency online?
Log in
Log in to your wallet and click on the EXCHANGE button.
Enter the amount
Enter the amount. An exchange offer for the selected currency will appear in your wallet.
Confirm the operation
Confirm the operation. Funds in the selected currency will appear immediately in your wallet!
Fast and cheap currency exchange
Try out the currency exchange at Plix and join thousands of happy customers
Real-time rates
We've created a unique currency conversion offer.
At Plix, currency rate for each transaction is updated every 90 seconds. Forget about a traditional currency exchange office – our rates are really competitive. We carry out transactions online, eliminating the risk associated with cash transactions.
Real-time rates
Currencies in one place
With us, you can effortlessly exchange Polish zloty into USD, RON, CHF, GBP or any other currency of your choice and manage many currencies at the same time. We know global payments. We offer cheap international transfers and free currency transfers between two Plix wallets.
Currencies in one place
Without any additional fees
We know that managing finances in different currencies is a daily occurrence for our clients. At Plix, you do not pay extra for the service, currency conversion is a basic functionality of any wallet. Exchange currencies cheaper, at attractive rates. No hidden fees or commissions.
Without any additional fees
Currency availability
Looking for unusual, not-so-popular currencies?
Get in touch with us. We'll do our best to help – at Plix, anything is possible. Find out how much you can save. Set up an e-wallet and start exchanging currency. Find out how much you can save.
Currency availability
Start making fast payments with Plix now
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Online payments
as you like
Easy online payments on any device (bank transfercv– start using our app now.
Currency exchange
without overpaying
Fast currency conversions.
Competitive currency exchange rates.
Financial management
on many levels
Business transfers, deposits and withdrawals in many currencies, convenient payments.
Many accounts in one place
Each wallet is a possibility to have an account in several currencies.
Transfers abroad...
with no borders
We make transfers in many currencies, sent to any place in the world.
Cards acquiring - soon!
A guarantee of safe and easy payments with a debit or credit card.
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