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Manage your finances more conveniently. The Plix app is now available on iOS and Android. Find out more
A wallet designed to
manage your finances
For those who like modern payment methods,
and for those who prefer not to overpay.
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Alternative payment methods, fast transfers?
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With us, the management of your finances becomes a pleasure
We simplify finances online. Especially for you!
Online shopping? Currency exchange? International and domestic transfers? We know how important it is to not have any restrictions, and that’s why you can make all of your transactions using our e-wallet.
We treat every company individually. We want to be the best option for your business.
We have prepared a number of benefits with your business in mind. Unlimited deposits and withdrawals, low-cost currency exchanges, or easy payments from Customers. You decide what role your business wallet should have.
Join the Plix merchant network and use the best solutions.
We are a payment provider who meets the needs – of you and your Customers. We offer convenient payment gateways, including the White Label service. We provide more intuitive shopping and higher profits for your business. A customised payment process means more transactions made in your online store.
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Online payments
as you like
Easy online payments on any device (bank transfercv– start using our app now.
Currency exchange
without overpaying
Fast currency conversions.
Competitive currency exchange rates.
Financial management
on many levels
Business transfers, deposits and withdrawals in many currencies, convenient payments.
Many accounts in one place
Each wallet is a possibility to have an account in several currencies.
Transfers abroad...
with no borders
We make transfers in many currencies, sent to any place in the world.
Cards acquiring - soon!
A guarantee of safe and easy payments with a debit or credit card.
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Creating a wallet only takes a few minutes